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Bonsai Quality Tools & Supplies

Top Quality Japanese Concave cutter
 size: 8 inch $58.00
         11 inch $88.00

           Rust remove 3x1.75 inch 
                    $12.00 each
 Top Quality Japanese ARS cutter
 size: 8 inch

            Top Quality Japanese  cutter
                size: 8 inch
          8'' heavy duty Scissor
   Top Quality Japanese Root cutter 
    size: 8 inch $58.00/pc
         11 inch   $88.00/pc
       9" Root hook
  Camellia Oil  100ml
 protect  for carbon steel tool /knives rust and lubricate
10 bottom per case, $120.00/case
Top Quality Japanese stainless steel Rack and tweezer
 size: 10.25 inch
 10pcs per pack, $120.00/pack

Kyonal Cut Paste 100g 

                   $12.00 each

         Japanese cut paste with                         Fungicide 200g
            $20.00 each
   10pcs per case, case price is $18.00 each
available soon.
               Plastic Scoops 
          8'' heavy duty Stainless steel Scissor
    Top Quality  Scissor .8inch 
             sold out
Top Quality Japanese Knob Cutter
 size: 8 inch
 Early October available
            Bottom Mesh
          5 pcs per pack
          size:12"L x8" W