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Bonsai Soil

           Bonsai Mixed Soil come with 9 month slow release Fertilizer
                        15 LBS
                  $15.00/per bag

    Bonsai Mixed Soil come with Lava Rock and  9 month slow release Fertilizer
                        about 20 LBS
                  $25.00/per bag
             Plastic basket for trees.(Medium)
Penjing rock with glazed/unglazed pots.
many size available. price range $40.00-$120.00

Special Penjing rocks
$1.00 per lbs

           Plastic basket for trees.(large)
H & F Imports Bonsai Soil
Universal Mix/3.5 Gallons/14 quarts
 sold out now

3/8-1/4inch red Lava Rock


around 45LBS